Please Volunteer to Help!

This trip needs volunteers to make it a success each and every time.  The committee members volunteer their vacation time and work very hard to organize the trip, arrange firewood and settle up with the campground.  We need volunteers like you to step up and be a part of.

If you are interested in any of the following, please sign up to volunteer on the whiteboard by the check-in table:

Hosting a Meeting

We need YOU to volunteer to host a meeting.  What is involved?  It’s pretty simple.  Volunteer your site for the meeting to be held, find a leader and a speaker to kick things off.  Having a fire is also a great idea for the night time meetings.  

Sign up on the whiteboard at the Committee Table

Coffee Maker

This is the MOST important job we have.  We LOVE our coffee.  The committee will provide the coffee, the coffee maker and the electricity.  Just come at least an hour and a half before the big meeting to grab the water jug.  Go get it filled with fresh water and bring it back.  Once the coffee is done brewing (about 15 minutes before the meeting) we ask you (and a friend) to carry the urn, cups, sugar and creamer to the host’s campsite.  After the meeting we kindly request you bring the urn and supplies back.

Sign up on the whiteboard at the Committee Table