08:30 PM – Big Meeting Kick-Off
09:00 AM – Morning Meditation
09:00 AM – Morning Meditation
04:00 PM – Speaker Discussion
04:00 PM – Men’s Meeting
04:00 PM Women’s Meeting
08:30 PM Big Meeting with Celebrants
08:30 PM Big Closing Meeting
Volunteers needed for coffee commitment for each of the big meetings.
All you have to do is bring the committee the water and transport the coffee and supplies to/from the meeting.
The committee will provide everything and even brew the coffee.

2022 will mark the 37th season of TheCampingTrip!! 

The 2022 trips are as follows: Memorial Day Weekend – May 27th – May 30thFourth of July Weekend – July 1st – July 4thLabor Day Weekend – September 2nd – September 5th
TheCampingTrip committee is here to try and help you make the most of your weekend.  To do this we volunteer our time to coordinate this trip, check everyone in, and organize meetings.

We are grateful to have the opportunity to be of service.

We welcome others who would also like to join the committee or find other ways to be of service during the trip weekends by hosting a meeting, making coffee, or other opportunities.

TheCampingTrip is a clean and sober camping trip which is open to our fellowships and our families.  This list of meetings is just a start.  If you want to host a pick-up meeting, organize a hike, or have a jam session, etc. write it on the white board at the check-in table.

It’s your trip, it’s up to you to make the best of it.

Camp Charles hosts a lot of activities for the kids (like face painting and candy bingo) as well as an abundance of amenities.  There is a stocked fishing pond (no license required), a swimming pool, a game room, showers up front, horseshoes, volleyball, basketball, a playground and much more.

Nearby are many amazing sites such as: Columcille Megalith Park, The Appalachian Trail, Minsi Lake, Bear Swamp Archery Complex, waterfall hikes, the Delaware Water Gap, Mount Minsi, Mount Tammany, Van Campens Glen waterfall, and of course there’s always an adventure to be had at Walmart.

If you have any suggestions for TheCampingTrip, let us know.  Although we organize the sites & the trip, it is YOUR trip.

Your feedback is crucial!!!


Thank you for allowing us to be of service.

        TheCampingTrip committee

       Mike, Rich, Cathy and Brian

General Meeting Schedule
8:30pm    Big Kick-off MeetingThe Committee will kick off this open discussion meeting to welcome everyone to TheCampingTrip. Beginning with trip related announcements and then opening for a speaker discussion.


9:00am    Morning Meditation – This amazing eye-opener has been a favorite of many campers for years.  No better way to start your day!!!

4:00pm    Speaker DiscussionAn honored speaker will share their experience strength and hope followed by an open speaker discussion meeting.

8:30pm    The Big Meeting with Celebrants will begin by honoring any celebrants, leading into an open discussion meeting.  At the conclusion of the meeting we will draw the 50/50.


9:00am    Morning Meditation –An eye opener which has been a favorite of campers for years.  No better way to start another clean and sober day!!!

4:00pm    Men’s Meetings & Women’s Meetings

8:30pm    Big Closing MeetingThe final planned meeting of the weekend.  Thank you for coming and finding that there is more to do in recovery than just being Clean and Sober.


Stuff you need to know!

Speed Limit is 5 mph THROUGHOUT the campground.  There are a lot of kids running around.  Please, keep the speed down THROUGHOUT the campground.

SpaceWe have a large area as our space. Although the sites are numbered, they are (for the purposes of our trip) all one site.  Please set up responsibly and with respect to others and do not camp where signs are posted saying “No camping beyond this point”

Firewood will be delivered throughout the weekend. You do not need to get all your wood for the weekend the first night. Please DO NOT BOGART THE FIREWOOD.  Grab what you need to start so people arriving later have wood.  Although a small portion of your money goes toward firewood, it does not create an endless supply. If you need large fires all day & night, you can purchase additional firewood thru the camp store.

Tables are provided to us for our group (seats 8). Like the firewood, they’re not an endless supply.  We ask if you need a table, take it, but we also ask that if you can, share it. If you are a group of 2 or 3 try to share with others near you.  Many tables are made of plastic and will melt if you try to cook on them or have them near the fire.  Please DO NOT BOGART THE TABLES.

Porta Potties are emptied and cleaned daily during the weekend. No trash goes in the toilet. This includes cups, garbage and feminine hygiene products. They’ll clog the pump & burn out the motor.

No Pump, No Dump!!!

ALL Dogs must be keep on a leash while on the property, including small dogs & friendly dogs who wouldn’t harm a soul.  Remember to clean up after your dog.

Quiet Time is from 11pm–8am. Please be respectful to your neighbors. Sound carries in the woods.  If you do have a noisy neighbor, approach them respectfully and they will usually abide. If not, please don’t wake up the committee to complain, try calling your sponsor.

FireworksFireworks are sold readily to non-PA residents. They are strictly prohibited on the campground. If you are caught setting off fireworks, the campground will have you leave immediately and without a refund.

Trees are not to be cut down, nor are down trees to be harvested.  The farmer who owns this land we camp on relies upon the down trees for his own personal use.

End of the trip – Please clean your site, bag your trash and put it by the road.  Your fire must be fully extinguished before you leave.  Not only is it unsafe, but we will be fined for fires left burning, which will raise the cost of the trip.