About the trip….

Since 1986, the camping trip has been a way for people in recovery, both young and old, to have a great time camping in a clean and sober environment. From the moment you arrive, you’ll feel refreshed and relaxed. Nestled in the woods for the weekend, you’ll discover the true essence of the fellowship. Come alone and make friends… bring friends and make more friends… or bring your family and enjoy quality time together… Come camping and see where the journey takes you.

Many friendships have been forged on these trips which have spanned years and continue to flourish. We have seen many couples meet on TheCampingTrip, with some going on to get married. Mike W. proposed to his wife during a Saturday night big meeting. A few others have also proposed to their loved one on TheCampingTrip. We even had a couple (Fred and Rose) get married on TheCampingTrip.

Nothing says camping like a campfire meeting… The campfire meetings bring a whole new level to a meeting as you know it. With several meetings each day, there are plenty to choose from. Some of our campers like to organize other activities like hikes to the clearing, to the waterfall, Mount Tammany or Mount Minsi… or join a trip to Columcille… visit downtown Stroudsburg… raft the Delaware River… Without even leaving the campground, they also host many on-site activities for both the kids and adults (face painting, bingo, live bands, stocking of the lake, magic shows, fire truck rides, etc). The trip is one you and your family are sure to never forget. So get away from all of those earth people and come join the fabled fellowship of the friends foraging in the forest… Come camp with us folks who love to enjoy ourselves in a clean and sober environment. We hope to meet you there!!!

The cost for camping covers the campground fees (site) and firewood. You will need to bring the rest of the items such as a tent, sleeping bag, flashlights, lanterns, pots, camping supplies, food, coffee, tarps, fellowship, etc. Here is a sample Shopping List on Amazon of ideas of what you might need or want to bring. The space we are allocated is based upon the number of pre-registrations we receive and an average of prior trip turnouts. Our area is around 20 to 30 acres and is fully wooded. The terrain is mostly flat with some small hills and the ground ranges from rocky to dirt to slight undergrowth. There are many, many trees to tie tarps to. Even though the campground may mark them as individual campsites, once the trip starts, it is all OUR area. We have what is considered group camping. Our wooded area is isolated from the rest of the campground, allowing us to have a truly clean and sober environment. As you come back in to the wooded camping area, there is a point where from there back, is our area. The campground posts signs at the front of our area indicating it is a private event and there is nothing beyond our area, so this keeps us clear our any outside influences.

The campground has fire rings already set up throughout the area and provides us with picnic tables that have built-in seating. There are a limited number so if you think you’ll need more table space to spread out and cook, we encourage you to plan ahead. A majority of the tables are made of heavy duty plastic. So, we cannot use grills or stoves directly on them. As a convenience, there are two Porta-Potties right in our area, which the campgrounds clean daily (at minimum). There are also real bathrooms with showers and electric up by the camp store, just a short walk away. Within the campground is also a fishing lake, which they stock 3 times a year. The stocking occurs during our trips and they encourage the kids to have fun helping unload the fishery truck. As a bonus, since the campground is private property, you don’t need a fishing license. If you happen to join us on the Fourth of July Weekend trip, the campground provides a spectacular fireworks show that rivals many I have seen put on by towns. There’s no need to drive, park, and sit in hours of traffic. Just grab your folding chair and take a walk up towards the store and set up n the farmer’s field and enjoy. Or, join the group of hikers that go up to the clearing on the Appalachian Trail to watch this and several other fireworks displays simultaneously (from above).

Words cannot truly do TheCampingTrip trip justice… It is best to clear your head, open your mind and come. Step out away from the rat race and enjoy the serenity that the woods and fellowship emanate. There is a reason that so many of the originals that started this over 30 years ago still come today. TheCampingTrip has become an integral part of the sobriety ad life of so many of its friends that only those who join us can understand.
Although we have never turned walk-ons away, pre-registering helps us make sure we request adequate space from the campground. If you’re coming, please let us know. We order cords of firewood to be delivered throughout the weekend, which is also set aside based on anticipated turnouts.

About the committee…
The committee is made up of campers just like you who come to enjoy the splendor of the woods and find some time away from work with our families. We are here to organize the trip and do what we can to help you make the best of it. The committee coordinates with the campground to get an adequate number of campsites based on our pre-registration numbers. During the weekend, we spend a great deal of our time at the registration table, welcoming you to TheCampingTrip and getting you checked in, as well as ordering the firewood and coordinating meeting sites. If you haven’t been on TheCampingTrip before, we will give you the lay of the land and hopefully get you adequate directions to find a space to set up.

We do not make any money running this trip. We volunteer our time because we love the trip and are happy to be of service. The cost of the trip covers only what is needed to keep the trip running from year to year. By searching long and hard, we continued to stay at another top quality campground that stays in our campers’ budgets and provides the amenities they desire. The fees you pay to camp covers the campground charges, firewood and other trip related expenses (e.g. coffee for the meetings, flyers, envelopes, coffee, stamps, hosting web site, coffee, other occasional expenses, etc..)

Thanks for letting us be of service.

2022 Committee:

Brian H.
Cathy D.

Mike W.
Rich S.


WOW!!! This thing has really evolved. We are very proud to have been a part its humble beginnings. We can't even begin to explain what this camping trip has meant to us. It’s been tough with the schedule the goslings keep us running on, but had to make the 20th!!!! WE ARE PSYCHED!!!!! See ya in a few weeks!!!!
-- Punk Rock and Goose
Best Fireworks Ever!!
Best fireworks, they ever had, on this past weekend!!! Thanks Campground Chuck!!!
— Mark W
Just gotta show up!
going this year yessss..i can't wait!! it's been way too long and I need to regroup, after all the crazy stuff in the past 4 years, this trip has kept me sober this long, all i gotta do is show up 🙂
— Heike F.
Keep coming back
Hello people of the trip. I was very pleased to see you guys this year. I hope I will again, as I miss going to the meetings. After all those sobriety meetings I've gone to (me only being 11) I may know just as much about sobriety as the next guy! If you're new to the trip then KEEP COMING BACK, IT WORKS IF YOU WORK IT!!! Thanks to all, and I can't wait to go back on memorial day.
-- John W.
Grate(ful) people
We went on our first one in 86 lots of fun been on A lot great people thank you all!
-- Deadhead Bill
Body & Spirit
Important to my recovery of mind body and spirit Perfect place to give it away and to improve on character defects Unconditional love and acceptance is practiced here even in the rain.
-- Rip V.
I'm Jonesing for Camping
I am jones'ing for some freakin' camping!!!! AAARrRRRGGGHHH :O)
-- Padres Chris H.