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Name: Bill milligan
Date Posted: 03/30/2017 20:17
First Trip:
Message: Can't wait to get out there and get dirty in the dirt looking forward to doing some camping and some fishing and most of all relaxing in recovery

Name: Brian B
Date Posted: 09/06/2016 01:07
First Trip:
Message: Can't wait to check out Camp Charles!

Name: Eugene
Date Posted: 09/05/2016 18:55
First Trip:
Message: Just got home from the labor day 2016 trip...been about 5 Years since my last trip which was way too long. What an amazing weekend with some pretty amazing people. Thank you to all the members of the committee who make this trip flow smoothly. Your service is loved and appreciated by many. Keep spreading the love you guys/girls.....

Name: liam rogan
Date Posted: 05/20/2016 07:42
First Trip:

Name: Timmy
Date Posted: 02/24/2015 07:26
First Trip:
Message: Elo to all one, call me Timmy.

Name: Gena R
Date Posted: 09/02/2014 12:03
First Trip:
Message: We had an amazing time this weekend! Really great recovery. Can't wait to come back. We will bring more happy/joyous/free Baltimorians with us next year!!

Name: Kathleen
Date Posted: 05/15/2014 05:58
First Trip:
Message: I am excited to experience this with two of my four children. My son's 16 and 21 are especially looking forward to logging some fishing time and taking a rafting trip.

Name: Diane
Date Posted: 04/27/2014 03:52
First Trip:
Message: We haven't been in a couple of years. Can someone send me some information? We are interested in Memorial Day.

Name: John W.
Date Posted: 02/07/2014 13:34
First Trip:
Message: Cant wait for camping season again

Name: Jim
Date Posted: 05/12/2013 19:18
First Trip:
Message: Getting excited for another trip, rain or shine, good times guaranteed!

Name: heike
Date Posted: 05/09/2013 01:23
First Trip:
Message: going this year yessss..i can't wait!! it's been way too long and I need to regroup, after all the crazy stuff in the past 4 years, this trip has kept me sober this long, all i gotta do is show up :)

Name: jason
Date Posted: 02/10/2013 07:58
First Trip:
Message: i have not been there in 2 years but we now have a 2 year old and 4 month old---WE Need a POP UP - any one selling one? c609-439-9139

Name: Mark
Date Posted: 07/09/2012 11:21
First Trip: \\
Hometown: Joysey
Message: Best fireworks, they ever had, on this past weekend!!! Thanks Campground Chuck!!!

Name: Daiquiri Hetem
Date Posted: 05/27/2012 13:08
First Trip:
Hometown: North Plainfield
Message: Love the Pics., Havent come "Yet".

Name: Karen Sylvia
Date Posted: 05/07/2012 13:44
First Trip: 2nd trip
Hometown: Poconos
Message: Loved it last year, never knew it was there all these years in my back yard. Grateful! Can't wait....17 more days, yeah!!!

Name: robert doc finney
Date Posted: 03/28/2012 11:04
First Trip: 2nd trip
Hometown: hopewell ny
Message: this will be my third trip,had a great time last yr.cant wait to get there this yr.till then doc

Name: Willow Westy <3
Date Posted: 03/06/2012 05:17
First Trip: forever
Hometown: Jersey
Message: hey ! I love the trip sooo much! I get to meet new people and get to really know them which is amazing because I'm only 12 and all of you are over 21! hehe
. So I can't wait to see you all on Memorial Day!!
Love ya,
Westy <3

Name: John Westy
Date Posted: 03/06/2012 04:56
First Trip: Ive been here forever
Hometown: Camping
Message: Hello people of the trip. I was very pleased to see you guys this year. I hope I will again, as I miss going to the meetings. After all those sobriety meetings I've gone to (me only being 11) I may know just as much about sobriety as the next guy! If you're new to the trip then
Thanks to all, and I can't wait to go back on memorial day.
-John Westervelt

Name: jenn
Date Posted: 09/01/2011 15:44
First Trip: labor day 11
Hometown: mastic beach
Message: First camping trip in a long time..first sober trip ever! Me and Mike are looking foward see you all Saturday!

Name: GDB
Date Posted: 07/19/2011 16:29
First Trip: 1986
Hometown: Belmar
Message: I went with Ripp and Sandy B. one year lots of great times I went one time it still had A good time that was the best sober trip for me , The others were good as well have fun al Dead headl

Name: Siobhan Cashman
Date Posted: 06/04/2011 18:00
First Trip: 1986
Hometown: Manalapan
Message: I still can't believe the trip is still going strong. It was fantastic to see all my old buddies from my early sobriety.

Name: Jim Tharp
Date Posted: 05/30/2011 17:42
First Trip: 4th of July or Labor Day 1993, not sure which one
Hometown: Green Brook, NJ
Message: Made lots of friends on these trips.

Name: Deadhead bill
Date Posted: 05/25/2011 10:45
First Trip: 1986
Hometown: Belmar
Message: we went on our first one in 86 lots of fun been on A lot great people thank you all

Name: Rip
Date Posted: 05/11/2011 13:23
First Trip: memorial day 1987
Hometown: Iselin-E. Bruns
Message: Important to my recovery of mind body and spirt Perfect place to give it away and to improve on characture defects Unconditional love and acceptance is practiced here even in the rain!

Name: Tony Cavallaro
Date Posted: 03/21/2011 10:26
First Trip: Memorial Day, 95...Barryville
Hometown: Flemington, NJ
Message: Hope to make it this year.....been 7 0r 8 years. Can we canoe in the lake? Can I tow my 14 foot boat into the campground (to launch in the Big D). Hopefully the financial and health stars align for me. Love to be in the woods and hang with some of the old and new crew. It would be Maggies first time in the woods..(my 5 year old chocolate lab).

Name: kim
Date Posted: 03/05/2011 13:26
First Trip: may 2010
Hometown: sergeantsville, nj
Message: hi all, i'm looking forward to the may 2011 camping trip. i've had a great time the couple of times i went. this year i'm bringing a sober friend (a new camper.) will be fun to introduce her to the great outdoors, friends and fellowship

Name: The Muffin Man
Date Posted: 08/27/2010 06:36
First Trip:
Hometown: Wah-Chung
Message: Could it be? A Tarp-less trip???

Name: Jeff Privett
Date Posted: 07/19/2010 10:03
First Trip:
Hometown: Elkton, MD
Message: Not a memeber of your camping trip. But having been going camping for the past 4 years. Do enjoy the pictures section of your web site. Looking forward to your July 4 weekend pictures

Name: Freddy
Date Posted: 07/06/2010 14:49
First Trip: Kittitinny
Hometown: Long Branch

Name: MW
Date Posted: 06/30/2010 08:47
First Trip: 95
Hometown: NJ
Message: The Delaware Contingency is headin' on down to the Lone Star State where everthing's bigger. Have fun at the Convention...

Name: Melissa Hanson
Date Posted: 06/02/2010 08:40
First Trip: Memorial Day 2010
Hometown: Flemington
Message: i walked in with fear, and left with faith. Cant wait to go camping with ya'll again.

Name: Lilly
Date Posted: 09/12/2009 14:23
First Trip: Labor Day 2008
Hometown: Easton, PA
Message: I loved this labor day camping trip 2009. Best one yet. Except for an overabundance of dogs. lol I had an amazing time.
Hope to see you guys all soon.


Name: Carolyn M
Date Posted: 09/02/2009 00:07
First Trip: 1989
Hometown: Marlboro NJ
Message: I will never forget the first camping was a trip!!!! So many people I loved were there, people who helped change the course of my journey. I will always be fond of all of them.

Name: Chris K
Date Posted: 08/08/2009 09:21
First Trip: Memorial Day 1993
Hometown: Howell, NJ
Message: I have been playing around with Ning and created an "unofficial" social network for the Camping Trip, for sharing pictures, experiences, etc. It's still a work in progress but check it out if you like:

Name: The Muffin Man
Date Posted: 06/29/2009 10:21
First Trip: \\
Hometown: Drury Lane
Message: Nice to see that "The Bloody Guy" made his debut on the Labor Day Flier. The Squirrel is cute too...

Name: John H
Date Posted: 06/08/2009 22:00
First Trip: Mem dayo9
Hometown: Newark DE
Message: even though washobbling alot I had fun the whole weekend

Name: Fred
Date Posted: 05/14/2009 15:56
First Trip: Kittitinney
Hometown: West End Long Branh NJ
Message: big tent 16 feet wide two rooms with remote light two hanging shelves on each side double entrance and screen porch in front valences over windows asking $75 used three times all poles and rolling bag included green and tan or brown. Call fred at 732 337 4859 +
+++other gear also available+
+++no pictures available
11.6 x 9 foot tent also northwestern asking $50
22 foot wide tent with three rooms four exits and tunnels 10 man asking $75.00
gas stove asking $25.00
++++all poles included and zippers work and were treated regularly and fit in case or bag.
call 732 222 3353 ask for Fred
I will bring it in my trailer if you go here
only one more week WhooooooooP!

Name: Darlene R
Date Posted: 05/14/2009 05:25
First Trip: this is the first
Hometown: Glen Gardner
Message: No Hazing! Yeah right I am bringing my kayak I hope people are up for it Though I am coming up for the first time you are all friends I haven't met yet or have I We'll see! Whew Hoooo

Name: Tom Degnan
Date Posted: 04/29/2009 14:21
First Trip: Memorial Day 09
Hometown: Jefferson NJ
Message: I heard great things about this trip. My family and i are looking forward to it!!

Name: Michelle
Date Posted: 04/06/2009 11:15
First Trip: July 4th 2008
Hometown: Newark DE
Message: Cleaned out my shed in the beautiful weather yesterday and got to look at all my camping gear!! As Delaware Dave says - - only 45 days and a wake-up until I'm back at Camp Charles!!

We've got a lot of buzz down in Delaware about the Memorial Day trip and might get a few more converts to camping! Can't wait to see everyone again

Name: Jack
Date Posted: 04/03/2009 12:29
First Trip: mid 90\\\'s Barryville NY
Hometown: Atlantic Highlands
Message: When & where is the next trip??

Name: Lantern Boy
Date Posted: 03/17/2009 05:40
First Trip:
Hometown: Toms River
Every day Dave walked with God,
He would go further and further with God at his side
after each day he would go back home
till one day he was closer to Gods house than his own,
and God said You have come along way and you are closer to me now so why dont you stay here
so now Dave is in Gods house and thats where he will stay. May he rest in peace

Name: chris hegarty
Date Posted: 03/05/2009 15:00
First Trip: 2002
Hometown: hightstown, nj
Message: I am jones'ing for some freakin' camping!!!! AAARrRRRGGGHHH


Name: Lilly
Date Posted: 09/19/2008 23:54
First Trip: Labor Day 2008
Hometown: Easton, PA
Message: It was about time the Pictures were put up. LOL. I had a Blast at the last camping. The people that I met there were awesome. Just seeing the pictures put a smile on my face with memories of good times. Some Text

Name: Nina
Date Posted: 09/18/2008 13:25
First Trip: 2006
Hometown: Ringoes, NJ
Message: I learn a little more about camping with each trip. I learn a lot more about great campers.

I hope this is appropriate but I'm willing to take the chance. AA is soliciting videos thinking that young people may be more attracted by movie rather than literature. A group in my area has put one together and is submitting it. You can watch it on Youtube. It's called "25 and Under in the House." It's great. enjoy.

Name: Chris K
Date Posted: 09/02/2008 11:16
First Trip: Memorial Day 1993
Hometown: Howell, NJ
Message: I identified the mysterious insect that stung Willow:

Name: Judy Zimmerman
Date Posted: 09/01/2008 20:57
First Trip: July 4th 2008
Hometown: Bethlehem, PA
Message: Thank you for making me and my children feel so welcome on July th and Labor day. I appreciate all your efforts! Im hooked!

Name: Kelly, Pete and Buddy AKA Zeke
Date Posted: 07/12/2008 09:57
First Trip: July 4th, 2008
Hometown: Whitestone, NY
Message: Wow!!! What a great weekend! We all had so much fun and fellowship. I know Pete sent alot of pics from the weekend.

Buddy says Hi and hope everyone got home safe! Can't wait to Labor Day!!!

Have a Great Summer!!

Name: Tralfaz
Date Posted: 06/26/2008 08:37
First Trip:
Message: FRANKs and BEANs!!! FRANKs and BEANs!!! How'd you get beans before the Franks?
See you on the 4th!!!

Name: fred
Date Posted: 03/16/2008 19:19
First Trip: 1989 Kittittinney
Hometown: West end Long Branch
Message: How come there are no Pics from the 90's?
I know that one pic is not from the camping trip but from the mini conference in Stillwater for GSYP.
Anyway it is March and my Van is loaded.
Fred & Rose

Name: Tom
Date Posted: 09/20/2007 17:42
First Trip:
Hometown: Manchester NJ
Message: Hi There< Heard about these trips for the first time two weeks ago. Tony had spoken at my home group and mentiond camping trips he went on.The following week I attended his group, and cornered him for the info. Hope to be able to join up with you folks, I already put myself on the mailing list this week 9/20/07

Name: Jason
Date Posted: 06/27/2007 05:30
First Trip: 2000
Hometown: Howell
Message: Anyone going on t 4th? I may go Thursday and Friday. There is a 60% chance of rain for the trip :(

Name: cathy d
Date Posted: 06/09/2007 10:30
First Trip: mday 05
Hometown: somerset,nj
Message: hello and peace to all.The Mem.-day trip this year was awesome and very peaceful. I wasn't gonna come for the 4th but have changed my plans and I will be there. I look forward to tenting with Heike and Cheri again and I'm bringing some others with me (finally got someone else to come up). They just don't know what they're missing. see you guys in a month. Some Text

Name: Michael Westervelt
Date Posted: 05/28/2007 16:15
First Trip: Mem 2007
Hometown: The Camping Trip
Hey all,
What an amazing trip. Got a little spurt of Sunday night, but other than that, it was beautiful. Never even put on a pair of long pants or a jacket this weekend.
Including all of the great visitors we recieved, the trip saw an overall turnout of 176 Many folks brought their and jammed. Others the beautiful Appilachian trail and enjoyed the beautiful waterfalls and some just took the time away from the rat race to just relax. Thank you to everybody for coming. Look forward to seeing you all soon.

Name: Maribel
Date Posted: 05/15/2007 10:58
First Trip: Memorial day 2006
Hometown: Rahway
Message: Looking forward to another camping trip. Hopefully it doesnt but if it does I practiced on my tarp skills. Hi there boobear sorry but Sophie the min pin wont be there this time. See everyone real soon!!!

Name: Cheri
Date Posted: 05/13/2007 09:21
First Trip: 2005?
Hometown: East Stroudsburg,PA
Message: I can't wait! Got a new (free) tent, an air matress and various other items. Hearing about more people from the Poconos that are coming this year too! My life has made major changes and I can't wait to share them all with you. I am so grateful it is almost disgusting. Just really want to see you guys. Get back to Gods World

Name: Chiara
Date Posted: 04/30/2007 15:02
First Trip: Mday06
Hometown: Sergansville
Message: Can't go on the trip do to...

Name: M. Dubya
Date Posted: 04/11/2007 05:07
First Trip: Memorial Day Weekend \\\'95\\\'
Hometown: Wa Chung NJ
Message: I aims to maybe headin' on down the Appalachian Trail to back-pack on in to The Campin' Trip. Lookin' forward to a change a scenery on in if you know whata meen. Any takers I'll be headin' south on the AT startin' from the little ol' town of Delaware Water Gap some time Monday
May 22. Probably Have to stay on the Trail that night and get there tuesday some time....

Name: Paul
Date Posted: 03/28/2007 20:56
First Trip: No
Hometown: Mars
Message: We are comming in a Rv convoy,looking forward to trudging the happy road.Keeping it simple......seeya!

Name: Don M.
Date Posted: 03/15/2007 16:17
First Trip: 1987
Hometown: Maine
Message: Hey guys, Don here (formerly Condom Don). By the way someone still owes me a copy of that video! Yo Brian, Kathy and I might just have to come down for a weekend just to give you something to do during clean-up. Hard to believe there was a time when I never missed a trip. Those were the wars, Howie making pentagrams in the ground, burning all our lawn chairs, and lets not forget the dreaded tire fire. Those are memories I'll always have. Kathy just got back from Jersey, it was nice to hear how many people were still around. Don't count us out folks, we'll figure out a way to make it down one of these trips. Maybe Labor Day. Hope I haven't grown too old and lost my ability to rile everyone . Take care everyone, you are the reason I stayed sober back then 'cause meetings up here in Maine pretty much suck and the people are boring. Later!

Name: Scott
Date Posted: 02/14/2007 18:21
First Trip: Memorail Day 2002
Hometown: Freehold, NJ
Message: Miss you guys TONS! Hope to make it back one day soon. My tarpology skills have been going to waste. =)

Name: Chiara
Date Posted: 01/25/2007 11:11
First Trip: Memorial Day 06
Hometown: Deleware Township
Message: Guys if you were wondering whose tent was tied to the tree that was Helen and Tom's daughter Jess's tent it was a quite peacful night, the moon was shining biright we had no idea what was instore. One of the poles on the tent it snapped in half, and half of her tent was tied to the tree right next to it Um bye see you all next camping trip

Signed Once I laughed so hard I wet my pants. Any kids 4 to 14 I would be willing to meet Bye

Name: Chiara Rossi
Date Posted: 01/25/2007 08:01
First Trip: Memorial Day 06
Hometown: Deleware Township

Name: Chiara Rossi
Date Posted: 01/25/2007 07:58
First Trip: Memorial Day 07
Hometown: Deleware Township
Message: I love the camping trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I made several friends and although I am a kid the Campfire meetings are irresistible. Durring long boring days on the camping trip Me, Isabelle, and Jess do out to the medow or we go see the kittens at the store. ( But you should all know this I study cats and I didn't but don't go to close or mom isn't nice and she'll chase you away) I took one of the kittens and Jess took a kitten, their names are Smokey and Jaws. Jaws is mine and Smokey is Jess's. Don't be fooled in these kittens eyes they can be nasty and flea infested. But they grow to like water and don't worrie about fleas just make sure they get treated quickly and they are your new best friend. On long boring days like today I wish I was there with my friends playing and swiming.

Name: Gene Davis
Date Posted: 10/06/2006 12:00
First Trip: LAbor Day 05
Hometown: Lansdale
Message: Heading out the door to the Columbus Day trip...SWEET!! Looking forword to seeing everyone there and spending some time together before the winter months. This trip is going to kick butt, as if any of the other ones dont....

Name: Gene Davis
Date Posted: 09/18/2006 20:05
First Trip: Labor Day 05
Hometown: Lansdale
Message: Hey everyone. Anyone that is intrested in seeing some more photos of the 2006 4th of July or 2006 Labor day trip check out this site
This page was just recently created so those are the only two trips logged on so far. I hope to set up a slide show for every trip that goes on now. I hope everyone enjoys the memories that it brings back. I know i sure do everytime i look at them. Hope to see everyone again really soon. Columbus day is right around the cornner and The Lansdale trip follwoing that...Peace be with you all my friends...your friend Gene

Name: Maribel
Date Posted: 09/06/2006 07:42
First Trip: Memorial day 2006
Hometown: Rahway
Message: Wanted to thank everyone for a great weekend. Started out terrible with the rain and not knowing how to set up a tarp but by Saturday night it all got better. Last but not least our mini pincher, "Sophie" misses her "Boobear". see you next time!!!!

Name: Gene Davis
Date Posted: 09/04/2006 19:25
First Trip: Labor Day 05
Hometown: Lansdale
Message: This trip was AWSOME guys. I loved the fact that the rain did not stop us coming together. It slowed things down enough that i was able to get to know some of you much better rather then running from hike to hike. Im so greatful to have experienced this fellowship we shared and to learn about the trips that have precedded me. Keep up the awsome work! I look forword to seeing you all for the Columbus Day event and to those that wont be there "It wont be long." My prayers are with you all! Its crazy that i miss my family of friends there already....Take care everyone....

Name: Maribel
Date Posted: 08/31/2006 07:19
First Trip: Memorial day 2006
Hometown: Rahway
Message: It was my first time camping and my daughter and I had a blast........going labor day weekend and i cant wait.

Name: Chris
Date Posted: 08/29/2006 14:39
First Trip:
Brush up on your tarpology, we in for some rain this weekend!

Bow to the great tarp master B2

Name: Chris
Date Posted: 08/27/2006 12:21
First Trip: Memorial Day 1993
Hometown: Howell (originally Englishtown)
Message: Glad to see you fixed the SPAM book! I concur with Music Lover below, bring back the mid day jam sessions!

See you all this weekend

Name: Music Lover
Date Posted: 08/22/2006 20:01
First Trip:

Name: Michael Westervelt
Date Posted: 08/22/2006 14:34
First Trip: Memorial Day 1995
Hometown: Ewing, NJ
Message: Helloooo Good Citizens!!!!
Well, here I go again... Had to rebuild The Camping Trip Guestbook yet again due to dubious sex selling, ad posting spammers!!
Well, this third iteration has some cool improvements.
Colored Text
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Happy Posting!!!

Name: Spud
Date Posted: 07/07/2006 20:40
First Trip: Labor 2004
Hometown: Cherry Hill, NJ (West Va. originally - I make a mean road kill stew!)
Message: Glad to see the return of the guestbook. It's a great tool for reflecting and keeping in touch. Lot's of great hikes this trip to the AT and those killer waterfalls. Not sure which hike gave me the poison ivy devouring my lower legs. Mega-blotches. Yes, these hairy pustules are a babe-magnet, let me tell you! Thanks to the internet I now know everything there is to know about Urushiol (the poison in Poison Ivy). Wish I knew then what I know now. The smaller size of this trip was kind of nice. Three times as many folk will be tough to manage come Labor Day (no projecting!) 'Twas great to bunk with the Westies. God, I am itchy! Trip highlight for me was Peter's flash of utter, destructive brilliance: The potato Bomb!!!! God, that was funny! Thanks ladies for the killer spag and meatballs - you rock!
Love to all campers- see you Labor Day (where's my damn calamine!?)

Name: Goose
Date Posted: 06/18/2006 04:43
First Trip:
Hometown: Hillsborough, NJ
Message: All, The 20-year anniversary trip was a blast!! Great to see old friends and meet new friends. Rafting, hiking, fishing, wiffle ball -- not to mention meetings, meetings, meetings. Thanks to the committee -- Mike, Tom, Go Go, et al. for their continued commitment, dedication and passion. See y'all next time.
Regards, Goose, Punk Rock Sara and the Goslings

Name: Nina Rossi
Date Posted: 06/10/2006 08:00
First Trip: Memorial Day 2006
Hometown: Stockton, NJ
Message: I am still wearing the bracelet. When I look at it in stressful times I feel calm. Thanks. Nina

Name: Norm M.
Date Posted: 05/29/2006 13:52
First Trip: May 26-29 2006
Hometown: New Castle DE.
Message: This was my first trip. I had a great time, and met a lot of great people. I can't wait to see everyone again.

Name: Maribel M
Date Posted: 05/26/2006 07:23
First Trip: Memorial Day Weekend 06
Hometown: Roselle, NJ
Message: My daughter and I are looking forward to our first camping trip together.

Name: Goose
Date Posted: 05/18/2006 18:05
First Trip: 1986
Hometown: Hillsborough, NJ
Message: How it all started:

One fateful day in early 1986 I agreed to join Elevator Ray and Bicycle Bob and attend a business meetng of the Friends of the Villa ( a service group of Veritas Villa alumni). I think Eric the Hun and Jimsing were also there. This may sound strange since none of us were alums of the Villa. Around 1982 or 1983, Father Jerry(the Monsignor) recruited us to get active with the Villa. Veritas Villa is a rehabilitation center in Kerhonkson NY that was established to primarily serve alcoholic and drug addicted NYC police and firefighters. Anyway, the Villa ran many fun events, such as trips to Met's games, St. Patrick's Day dances, days at the track, party boat fishing trips....and a camping/canoe trip. Now, on this day that we attended the Villa business meeting (which took place in Brookyn, by the way), the announcement was made that the canoe/camping trip would be cancelled this year unless someone stepped up and agreed to run it. With Bicycle Bob on my left and Elevator Ray on my right, they kept prodding me to volunteer. Finally (after Ray and Bob agreed to help me) I volunteered to run the Villa camping/canoe trip. At that moment Bob and Ray abndoned me and I was left to run the trip on my own (just kidding!).
Thus The Camping Trip was born. After year one, the trip grew and quickly and took on a life of its own beyond the Friends of the Villa. I can't believe the trip continues after 20 years!! After runnng the first three or four (or six -- can't remember now), Rich Kid took it over and then soon after that B-squared adopted the The Camping Trip. Brian Cashman (B-squared) revolutionized the Camping Trip. Without him, it would have died out. I would like to thank all those who played a role in helping to keep The spirit of the Camping Trip alive. To have fun in sobriety, to be of service to our fellows and to enjoy the outdoors that has been provided to us by our loving higher power! I wish to thank Father Jerry for getting us active in the Villa

Name: Punk Rock Sara and The Goose
Date Posted: 05 08 2006 05:37
First Trip: The First Trip
Hometown: Hillsborough, NJ
Message: WOW!!! This thing has really evolved. We are very proud to have been a part its humble beginnings. We can't even begin to explain what this camping trip has meant to us. Its been tough with the schedule the goslings keep us running on, but had to make the 20th!!!! WE ARE PSYCHED!!!!! See ya in a few weeks!!!!

Name: Punk Rock Sara and Goose
Date Posted: 05/08/2006 05:30
First Trip: The First Trip
Hometown: Hillsborough, NJ
Message: WOW 20 YEARS!!!!

Name: Georgie Jets
Date Posted: 04/01/2006 21:29
First Trip: Memorial day 2005
Hometown: Matawan Tues. Night
Message: My family and myself had a great time last year, We will be back this year.

Name: Jimmsingh
Date Posted: 03/23/2006 07:33
First Trip: 1986
Hometown: Clarksburg, New Jersey
Message: Guys, Love the page. I have only been on two the first and maybe the 10 th. Every year I run that silly Spring Lake 5 or head to LBI. My real home is with the beauty and grandeur of the mountains with my homeys. I remember Chache and Debbie first kiss in the back of Ray's van. Man talk about light years.

Name: Eugene Davis
Date Posted: 03/11/2006 19:59
First Trip: Labor Day 2005
Hometown: Lansdale, PA
Message: This was my first and hopefully not my last trip with this group. I had such an awsome time there and itll never be forgotten. I recommend it to everyone in the program. Its so important to realize how much fun you can have in sobriety. This is totally the place for that experience......

Name: Mike Wes
Date Posted: 11/20/2005 18:32
First Trip: Memorial Day 1995
Hometown: Ewing, NJ
Message: At long last all...the message board is back up and running. Hopefully I have better luck than last time.

We are entering the 20th year of the camping trip. Man... What a long strange trip it's been. Looking forward to see what the next season holds. See you all then.

Name: fred sanders
Date Posted: 05/08/2005 16:12
First Trip: Kittattinny
Hometown: Monmouth County
Message: It's gonna be cold, but I got the old'71 GMC fired up just got to fix the leaks. Posted some flyers up here and heard it announced at the Loft Memorial Day 05. Hope we get a big turn out. we be jammin!

Name: Mark (sorry I don't have any) Weed
Date Posted: 10/11/2004 23:43
First Trip: Memorial Day Weekend 95
Hometown: Watchung, NJ 1/12/95 BFTGOG
Message: A couple of us had an opportunity to check out the new campsites. It's adjacent to the Delaware Water Gap National Park. I've never been to the gap. The campsites are situated in a cozy woods next to a picturesque meadow and farm. There's a small brook which runs by a few sites and will probably be bigger Memorial Day. The showers are better than mine at home. There is a quietness, peace and serenity much different than any other camping place I've been. And there's some semi-secluded sites for raucous bunches and good old fashioned whoopie-parties. It's going to be nice to finally have an area we can call our own. Another good thing is it's impossible for anyone not part of the Trip to drive fast enough to to kick up any dust and be just plain annoying by driving dangerously fast. The Committee did a fantastic job in locating this place.
See You There

Name: terry
Date Posted: 09/28/2004 10:16
First Trip:
Hometown: bawlimer
Message: lookin to be there next year

Name: Mike Wes
Date Posted: 09/08/2004 12:06
First Trip: Memorial Day 1995
Hometown: Ewing, NJ
Message: Hey all. Thanks for another amazing trip. My spiritual battery has felt recharged ever since sharing at Franks inferno meeting Saturday night. Well, less than 265 days until we go to the new campground. Can't wait to see all of you there.

Name: A. Mark Rohr
Date Posted: 09/08/2004 09:10
First Trip: Sept. '04
Hometown: Remulac - a province of France
Message: What an absolute joy all of you are! I felt so welcome and embraced by everyone. There's a lot o' love in then thar hills!

Name: Bruce C
Date Posted: 08/27/2004 20:51
First Trip: 2003
Hometown: the depths of insanity!
Message: Can't wait!!! Need camping now!!
Several of the Baltimore group were packing up to go today. Oh boy am I glad they called me!

Name: Whit
Date Posted: 08/20/2004 03:24
First Trip:
Hometown: Boston
Message: Thinking of coming out for the trip with some AA buddies.

Name: Linda H
Date Posted: 08/07/2004 14:13
First Trip: 1988
Hometown: Monroe
Message: I can't believe how far this trip has evolved. I was in Fred's wedding in 1997 The camping trip kept me sober whane I didn't feel like being sober.

Name: Lisa V.
Date Posted: 08/04/2004 01:51
First Trip: Memorial Day 2001
Hometown: Flemington, NJ
Message: Have been on a few trips, I love you guys!! Thanks for running these great trips. I have always had a great time, rain or shine...remember rafting and fun we had hanging tarps. I highly recommend. See you all again soon!

Name: Jason Victor
Date Posted: 07/01/2004 18:34
First Trip: 2001
Hometown: Howell
Message: I am leaving in two days for the 07 Camping Trip, gonna rain!!!! BRING IT ON!!!!!

Date Posted: 06/26/2004 03:42
First Trip: 91
Message: Wow check out this thingy hanging from my rear view that Lisa made. thanks it a sorta square in a triangle ina circle leaden glass. nice. coloring contest?

Name: Wendy
Date Posted: 05/30/2004 10:40
First Trip: Late 90's -- wish i could be there again!
Hometown: Manalapan/Freehold NJ
Message: I used to go on this trip every year, but I live in England now and the commute is just a tad far!

Date Posted: 04/29/2004 18:53
First Trip:
Message: Hey Now!!!
Got An Empty Cup Only
A Camping Trip Will Fill.
See You Soon...

Name: Michael Westervelt
Date Posted: 04/25/2004 12:16
First Trip: Memorial Day '95
Hometown: Psychiatric Ward. But they won't take me alive
Message: Hey all. Thanks for your patience. I am so glad that we will have Fern Ridge back this year. You guys have exercised incredible patience with us and we want to thank you all.

Name: Bruce Cisne
Date Posted: 03/22/2004 21:40
First Trip:
Hometown: Catonsville MD
Message: Practicing patience, awaiting to hear where the Memorial Day 2004 TCT will be!

Name: Chris Hegarty
Date Posted: 02/03/2004 21:24
First Trip: Memorial Day '03
Hometown: HIghtstown, NJ
Message: AAARRRGGGHHH! I need a Camping Trip!
Sincere Condelences go to all from Taissa and I.

Name: fred
Date Posted: 02/01/2004 08:40
First Trip: I dont remember It was about 12 - 20 people in Kittitinney
Hometown: friendly Freehold
Message: Thats a nice picture of Jake. I was pretty upset about that and will miss him.
The old jam sessions around the fire are my best memories of the Camping Trip. And of corse the trip of 97 I tied the knot to yet an unsuspecticting victum who I plan to cherish indefinatly.
Many fun and other embarassing moments over the years and alot of thank yous are due from getting bailed out a few times by the campers.
Getting a basket full of one dollar bills on my wedding pretty cool gift. And the weather is alway's on satans side.except once on a full moon.

Name: Mark Weed
Date Posted: 11/27/2003 15:58
First Trip: Memorial Day Weekend 1995
Hometown: Watchung NJ
Message: Jake D. will be missed

Name: Brillo
Date Posted: 09/11/2003 07:32
First Trip: Shanty town of '97
Hometown: Cliffwood Beach , NJ
Message: What goes on! These trips are so important to my sobritety. I look forward to every trip to be around all of you winners. See ya next trip!!!

Name: Jim L
Date Posted: July 4th 2003
First Trip: 07/17/2003 02:22
Hometown: Matawan ,N.J.
Message: A good time to be had by ALL!

Name: Scott McIntyre
Date Posted: 07/11/2003 02:42
First Trip: May 2002
Hometown: Freehold
Message: I really hated missing this 7/4/03 trip. My first trip was last year when I was just shy of 90 days, & I was hooked from the get-go. One of the many things I loved about the 4 camping trips I've been on so far is that there is no rigid, structured timeline to these trips like there can be at AA retreats. The number of meetings is perfect, the laid back atmosphere is great, & nothing's better than hanging out in the woods with a bunch of friends (new & old), goofing off & acting like fools 'til the wee hours. These trips were a HUGE part of my early recovery & will continue to be a part of it as long as they're offered. See ya all on Labor Day!

Name: Chris Kelly
Date Posted: 07/07/2003 20:25
First Trip: Memorial Day 1993
Hometown: Howell, NJ
Message: Have made every Memorial Day and Labor Day Trip since I got sober, with some 07 4th trips in there too. My son has been coming with me since he was two and he is seven now. There's nothing like experiencing fellowship like camping. Fresh brewed coffee in the morning in the woods, a meeting around a raging campfire at night, crazy late night conversations, Sunday morning Bluegrass...

Name: Mike Westervelt
Date Posted: 06/28/2003 02:42
First Trip: Memorial Day Weekend of 95
Hometown: Ewing, NJ
Message: Glad to see people starting to use this. Thank you all for coming to the trip and the web site. I have always felt the best thing about the trip is the people. You do get a certain magic on these trips I have found no equal to. Hope to see you all coming back and hope to see more new faces.

Name: Bruce Cisne
Date Posted: 06/07/2003 19:36
First Trip: Memorial Day Weekend 2003
Hometown: Catonsville MD
Message: Beyond any of my expectations. We came on our first long distance camping trip and met the best group of AA/NA campers. Looking forward to the next trip and will promote (if I dare use that term) TheCampingTrip in the Baltimore Area.

Name: Tommy W.
Date Posted: 06/07/2003 02:24
First Trip: Labor Day 1990
Hometown: North Hanover Township, NJ
Message: These trips have been the best part of my recovery. I have made many friends over the years from going on these trips. There is a certain 'magic' one gets from spending a weekend in the mountains with other sober people who are very sharing and caring of one another.

Name: Michele
Date Posted: 06/05/2003 14:01
First Trip: the one and only Columbus Day trip - Kittatinny,Pa.
Hometown: Colonia-Woodbridge, N.J.
Message: fun to see the trips from web site. Nice work
meetings around a campfire are my favorite part
like meetings: keep coming

Name: Tina Salva
Date Posted: 06/02/2003 23:58
First Trip: 1991
Hometown: Freehold, NJ
Message: The camping trip has been a great part of my recovery, I've made new friends and gotten closer to friends from my home group. I highly reccommend it.

Name: debbie
Date Posted: 06/02/2003 12:27
First Trip:
Hometown: Bethlehem, PA
Message: looking forward to making new friends in recovery

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