The Camping Trip

Since 1986, the camping trip has been a way for people in recovery, both young and old, to have a great time in a clean and sober environment.  From the moment you arrive, you'll feel refreshed and relaxed.  In the woods for the weekend, you'll discover the true essence of the fellowship.  Come alone and make friends or bring friends and make more friends and see where it goes from there.
Many friendships built on these trips have spanned years and continue to flourish.  We have seen many couples meet on the trip which have gone on to get married.  Mike W. proposed to his wife at the Saturday night big meeting during one of our camping trips.  A few others have also gone on to propose on the trips.  We have even had a couple get married on the trip.
The campfire meetings bring a whole new level to a meeting as you know it.  Join us when we have the Memorial Day and Labor Day Sunday night eating meetings.  Campers bring a small dish, we all get together to dine at the main site, then we then roll in to the Saturday night meeting.  There are several organized activities that occur aside from the Campfire meetings. The trip is one you are sure to never forget.  So get away from all of those earth people and come camp with the folks who love to enjoy themselves in a clean and sober environment. We hope to meet you there!!!
About the trip itself...  We provide the campsites, firewood, a basic organization of planned meetings and you'll receive use of all campground amenities.  You will need to bring the rest (your camping supplies, food, tarps, fellowship, etc.)  The campground provides us with a grouping of sites to camp in.  All of the area we are provided is isolated from the rest of the campground.  As you go back in to the camping area, there is a point where from there back is ours.  The area itself encompasses around 20 to 30 acres and is fully wooded.  The ground ranges from rocky to dirt to slight undergrowth.  There are many, many trees to tie tarps to.  Even though the campground may mark them as individual sites, once the trip starts, it is all OUR area.  We have what is considered group camping.  The campground provides us with one picnic table with built-in seating per numbered camp site.  There are only a limited number so if you think you'll need more table space, plan ahead.  A majority of them are also made of heavy duty plastic.  So, we cannot use grills or stoves directly on them.  There are porto-potties (which they try to clean daily) within our area and real bathrooms with showers and electric a short walk away up by the camp store.  The campground also has an on-site fishing lake that they stock 3 times a year.  The stocking occurs during our trips and they encourage the kids to have fun helping unlod the fishery truck.  Since the campground is private property, you do not need a fishing license.  Words cannot truly do the trip justice...  It is best to clear your head, open your mind and come.  Step out away from the rat race and enjoy the serenity that the woods and fellowship emanate.  View the Pictures Pages to get somewhat of an idea.
The cost of the trip covers only what is needed to keep the trip running from year to year.  By searching long and hard, we continued to stay at another top quality campground that stays in our campers' budgets and provides the amenities they desire.  The fee covers the campground charges, firewood and other trip related expenses (ie coffee for the meetings, flyers, envelopes, coffee, stamps, hosting web site, coffee, etc..)
Need a light?
The Camping trip takes place at Camp Charles Campgrounds
Camp Charles offers a built in swimming pool, volleyball court, basketball court, horseshoe pits, an on site stocked fishing pond, game room with pools tables and many organized activities and events.  Not to mention the nearby attractions such as...
Columcille - Megalith Park and Celtic Art Center
8 miles from Stroudsberg, PA
Pocono Go-Karts & Play Park
15 miles from the Crossings Factory Outlets

Class IV means REAL rapids

It is best to pre-pay because we are given space based on the number of pre-paid campers we have when we place the final reservation call.  A Large number of unexpected walk-ons could cause us to have over-crowding...
There is a $10 walk-on fee for not Registering in advance of the trip.


2017 marks the 31st year of the Trip.
The largest single trip in our history was 271+ people gathering together.  This record was set at the 25th Anniversary Memorial Day 2011 trip.  Typically, we average around 125-150 people per trip.  Bring your friends, bring your family, and bring your recovery.  Return home from this trip relaxed and filled with new friends and great stories to share.

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